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At the completion of Les Miserables, students and parents were surveyed. Here are the responses:

What did you or your child(ren)enjoy the most about his/her experience with Les Miserables?

I love love love the show and the directors and everyone in it!

I loved that we were pushed to our full performing potential and I learned to believe in myself as an actor.

The opportunity to work with such a great play and such a great group of people.

The high schoolers' performance and attitudes were amazing, and they were so friendly

I loved it all!  Meeting new people, getting together with old ones, working on developing my characters...
I always love Center Stage, and I loved Les Mis possibly more than ever!

My kids loved the music and interacting with kids of all ages.  They always enjoy working with the staff.

He enjoyed meeting new people and having a great time with new friends.

Associating with a high quality of performers

The opportunity to sing/act with older/more experienced kids was great.  The directors were superb!

Making friends, being part of large professional-quality production

Being able to act with such talented people.

What she told me most was that she liked her new friends, and being mentored/loved by the older girls. She found lots of girls (and boys) to look up to, and now says that she wants to be a professional actress when she grows.

Making friends and being supported by directors and more experienced cast members.

He loved meeting the other kids -- being part of a such a talented group -
getting to know others who share his love of music - these are people who "get him"

You meet so many new people and it's so professional and AMAZING!

What did you or your child(ren) enjoy least
(if anything)?

Ending it. I don't really get emotional but I cried all of strike. I found so much of myself during this production that it hurt to know it was ending.

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